Trichloroisocyanuric acid

Trichloroisocyanuric acid price China

Trichloroisocyanuric acid price China
Trichloroisocyanuric acid price China
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Trichloroisocyanuric acid price in the international market.Trichloroisocyanuric acid made in China. Since the second half of this year, the FOB price of trichloroisocyanuric acid has fluctuated around US$1,500, with little fluctuation. In 2022, due to the impact of the global new crown epidemic, the Russo-Ukrainian war, and the weakening of the demand side,trichloroisocyanuric acid price will be at a low level.


BrandProduct Description
 Quantity Fob  Qingdao,China    Date
BeautyTrichloroisocyanuric acid1Tons$1490/TONDec.01,2022
BeautyTrichloroisocyanuric acid1Tons$1500/TONNov.01,2022
BeautyTrichloroisocyanuric acid1Tons$1510/TONOct.01,2022
BeautyTrichloroisocyanuric acid1Tons$1490/TONSep.01,2022
BeautyTrichloroisocyanuric acid1Tons$1480/TONAug.01,2022
  • Appearance: White powder, granules or tablets

  • Molecular weight: 232.41

  • Chemical formula: C3Cl3N3O3

  • CAS: 87-90-1

  • HS No.:2933.6922.00
    UN No.: 2468 
    DG Class: 5.1 

  • Density: 2.07

  • Melting point: 225-230°C

  • Solubility (water at 25°C): 1.2g/100g

  • Solubility (acetone at 30°C): 36g/100g

  • Moisture content: ≤0.5%

Depending on current market conditions, the price of Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA) may fluctuate. However, to give you some reference, I can tell you the approximate price range.

In the Chinese market, the price of trichloroisocyanuric acid is usually between US$3,000 and US$4,000 per ton. Please note that this is just an approximate price range, and the actual price may vary due to market demand, supply, quality and other factors.

If you have specific purchase needs, it is recommended that you contact us for the most accurate and up-to-date price information. They will be able to provide detailed quotes and information based on your specific requirements and assist you in closing the purchase transaction.

We have more than ten year export experience for TCCA/SDIC. Our goods have exported the following main markets: 

1. European market : Spain / Germany

2.North America: USA,Canada

3. Middle East and central Asia: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Qatar 

4. African: Kenya,Morocco,Tanzania,Nigeria, Tunisia and South Africa 

5. Southeast Asia: Singapore, Vietnam,Thailand, Indonesia, Phillippines and Australia.

6. South America: Brazil, Argentina,Chile, Peru, Colombia,Panama and Mexico.


Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 3-15 days if the goods are in stock China. Or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
Q: Do you provide samples from China ? Is it free or extra ?

A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but pay the cost of freight.
Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: Payment≤10000USD, 100% in advance. Payment≥10000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shipment.


Q: What factors influence the price of trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) in China?

A:The price of TCCA in China can be influenced by factors such as raw material costs, manufacturing processes, market demand, supply chain dynamics, and international market trends.

Q: Is the price of TCCA consistent in China, or does it vary across regions?

A:TCCA prices can vary across different regions in China due to factors like transportation costs, local market conditions, and proximity to manufacturing facilities.

Q: How is TCCA typically priced in China?

A:TCCA is usually priced based on quantity (e.g., kilograms or metric tons), purity levels, packaging, and market demand. Bulk purchases may offer cost advantages compared to smaller quantities.

Q: Are there different grades of TCCA available in the Chinese market?

A:Yes, TCCA is available in various grades based on purity levels and intended applications. Higher-purity grades may command a higher price due to their suitability for specialized uses.

Q: Does the international market impact TCCA prices in China?

A:Yes, TCCA prices in China can be influenced by international market dynamics, including changes in demand from other countries and fluctuations in global chemical markets.

Q: Are there seasonal fluctuations in TCCA prices in China?

A:Similar to many commodities, TCCA prices may experience some level of seasonal fluctuation based on factors like changes in demand due to weather conditions or specific industry cycles.

Q: How can I obtain accurate and up-to-date TCCA pricing information in China?

A:To obtain accurate and up-to-date TCCA pricing in China, it's recommended to contact reputable chemical suppliers, distributors, or manufacturers directly. They can provide current pricing based on your specific requirements.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with TCCA procurement in China?

A:Additional costs may include shipping, handling, customs duties, and taxes. It's important to factor in these costs when calculating the total expenditure for procuring TCCA from China.

Q: Can I negotiate prices with TCCA suppliers in China?

A:Yes, negotiation is common in business transactions. Engaging in negotiations with suppliers can help you secure competitive prices based on your purchasing volume and terms.

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