Zinc chloride

Zinc chloride has only two forms, one is solid and the other is liquid. The solid appearance is white powder, and the liquid appearance is clear and transparent.

The solid content is generally divided into 99%, 98%, 96%; the liquid content is generally divided into 50%, 62.5%, 65%---67%, specific gravity 2.0.Zinc Chloride is easily soluble in water,soluble in methanol,ethanol,glycerin,acetone,ether and insoluble in liquid ammonia.Zinc Chloride is corrosive and toxic.

CAS No.:7646-85-7  

Zinc Chloride has the property of dissolving metal oxides and cellulose.Molten Zinc Chloride has good electrical conductivity.Zinc Chloride can be used as a dehydrating agent and catalyst in the organic synthesis industry,as well as mordant,sizing agent and weighting agent in the dyeing and weaving indutry.Zinc Chloride can also be used as petroleum purifier and actiated carbon activator.The affinity of other material,it can be used as a fireproof substance for clothing and can also be used as a fabric odor cleaner.Zinc Chloride can attack metal oxides to generate MZnOCl2 which is principle of it as a metal flux.

Water treatment field

Zinc Chloride can help slow the rate at which water corrodes other metals

Agriculture field

In order for crops to grow better,they must have sufficient Zinc.Zinc solution can be used for crops in areas where the soil is Zinc deficient.Manufacuters use Zinc chloride as a chelating agent in combination with other compounds to produce this Zinc product.

Flux field

A welder uses a flux containing Zinc Chloride to help weld two pieces of metal.This flus can be used as cleaning agent to remove oxides and impurities onthe metal surface which can increase the soldering fastness very well.

Dry battery field

Dry cells use a Zinc Chloride paste to help control the electrons and provide electrical power.Zinc Chloride also has moisture-proof and anti-corrosion effects.Due to its low production cost,it is well suited for intermittent power supply equipment such as flashing barricade lights,navigation equipment and electonic watches.