Sodium chlorite

Sodium chlorite is divided into two forms: solid and liquid. The solid is white powder, and the liquid is yellow-green liquid. Sodium chlorite is a hazardous chemical, and professional hazardous chemical vehicles must be used for transportation. Sodium chlorite is a strong oxidizing agent and disinfectant, widely used in the treatment of industrial water and drinking water, improving oil yield in oil fields, and bleaching of textiles and pulp. There is only one kind of packaging for solids, which is packed in a 50KG blue iron drum; there are four kinds of packaging for liquids, 20L plastic drum, 200L plastic drum, 1000IBC plastic drum, and tank. In international trade, it is transported by sea. After the shipping company approved the hazardous chemicals warehouse, it departed from Qingdao Port, and the sodium chlorite arrived at the Port of Houston, USA after 30 days, and the unloaded containers were transported to the customer by a local professional hazardous chemicals truck in the United States.