Sodium Metabisulfite


Sodium Metabisulfite is an organic compound containing sodium sulfate. It is often used as dyes and dye intermediates, and can also be used as catalysts, sensitizers, antibacterial agents, and antioxidants. It is a colorless crystal or powder with a strong smell of sulfuric acid and sodium, and is easily soluble in water and organic solvents.

Sodium Metabisulfite can be used as dyes and dye intermediates, as well as catalysts, sensitizers, antibacterial agents and antioxidants. It also has important applications in the modern industrial field, and can be used to prepare coatings or dyes, catalysts and surfactants, as well as neoprene water-based coatings, Raman spectroscopy, metalworking fluids, food geochemistry, and tooth physical performance analysis.

The main parameters of sodium metabisulfite are sodium content, sulfuric acid content, appearance, pH value, density, hygroscopicity and solubility etc. Among them, the content of sodium sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) is generally 98-100%, sodium sulfate is generally 70-95%, the appearance is white to light yellow powder, the pH value is 8.5-10, the density is about 1.9g/cm3, and the hygroscopicity is 11.7%, the solubility is about 44.5g/100ml (20 degrees).

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