About Us

About Us

Shandong Beauty Trading Co.,Ltd is the leading global distributor of specialty chemicals. We have 15 years of rich chemical experience.Our main product are Sodium Chlorite,TCCA,4,4'-Oxydianiline,Zinc Chloride.

Mainly exported to the United States,Canada,Brazil,Argentina,Australia,South Africa.Our expertise is personified by the sales department which provides superior service in disinfection products, pharmaceutical intermediate,nutrition,and Petrochemical. Our hallmark as a global distributor enables us to meet customers request accurately on time.We take pride in not only having the advanced technology to locate the much difficult to find materials but have a team on the front line to provide you with the most proactive customer centric approach to meet your business requests promptly.

We are committed to meeting your needs for the environment and human health, and always provide first-class products guided by market demand. We pursue environmentally friendly solutions, and constantly develop new technologies and processes to help customers improve business efficiency and achieve green production.


We have our own laboratory to test the purity and chemical properties of our chemical products. For each batch of products, laboratory personnel need to take samples for testing, and give production opinions based on product appearance, purity, and whether there are impurities. Before each order is shipped, samples from the same batch of products need to be sampled and reserved, and customers can test them after receiving the products overseas. If there is any objection to the test results within 2 weeks, you can contact our company. Our laboratory will test the reserved samples. Our company has an in-depth understanding of the chemical industry in mainland China, and guarantees to provide your company with the best chemical products in China, with stable product quality, sufficient supply, safe funds, and guaranteed after-sales services.


Our warehouse in China

We have chemical warehouses in Qingdao, Ningbo, Shanghai, Dalian, and Shenzhen to ensure fast shipment after receiving orders from customers. The products in the warehouse are strictly divided into areas according to the hazard level, and 24-hour CCTV is installed to ensure the safety of the warehouse. When entering the warehouse, you must wear goggles and protective clothing. Smoking is strictly prohibited, and the forklift must keep driving at a low speed. When loading goods, a safety officer must be equipped to supervise and direct, so as to prevent blind spots in operation. After the cargo is loaded, the container door must be sealed, and the security officer needs to take photos of the seal number each time and save the photos.